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Made to impress

What makes the Display so unique is the interaction that is made with it.

With the Display it's possible to give people a virtual tour through your company, product or story. It's also possible to redeem potential leads with, for example, a contact form.

In addition to the Display, Standing Out can also build applications to easily create a complete web environment for your company. Think of a product list display, 3D tours, video, even linking a webshop is possible.

The Display is easy to move thanks to the folding framewith wheels. The Display can be placed anywhere where a standard power supply is available. The display also has a powerful WiFi receiver. If there is wireless internet, you can quickly make contact, if not, it can also be connected to cable internet.

Unlike many other displays, the Standing Out Display is equipped with the same Multi-touch technology as your current Apple or Android phone. Touch feels very responsive and thanks to the internal processor, the display immediately loads a new page after you click.

Display applications

Standing Out can also build your own application in addition to the Display. We can quickly and efficiently build an environment according to your wishes for various applications such as: an information point, product display, company information, campaign with form.

Why create your own application?
  • The entire digital environment in your own corporate identity;
  • Add useful features such as: a video player, contact form, photo gallery, product image mapping (bullet point on an image), blog and news module and much more;
  • All the desired content and image you want;
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  • Rent or buy
  • Stickering of the Display
  • Accessories, such as an elevation set


  • Your own management system (cms)
  • Can be used online and offline
  • Custom wishes always possible

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